Life never goes as expected...

...and all the more reason to document it in all its glory! From a young age, I developed an interest for photography, borrowing my brother's Polaroid camera whenever I got the chance. It was in the midst of tragedy that I became impassioned at the desire for documented moments from the past, many of which I will forever only have engrained in my memory. The lack of photos and videos from my childhood led to my uber-sentimental outlook and to this day I wish to document even the most minute moments. Look at my art as the tangible version of "smelling the roses." I take the time to photograph that small, intimate moment between father and daughter, the curvature of an interesting piece of sculpture, a young girl sitting patiently in time out. While big events such as the first kiss between bride and groom are important, it's the small everyday moments that really make up our quality of life. I believe that the interaction between friends is more representative of a person than simply a photo at a high school or college graduation. Not to belittle one's accomplishments, but there is more to a person than simply the goals they have met. There will never be a shortage of photographers to take photos or videos of those big moments, but I am here to tell you I am there for the small but defining ones as well.

I am a local photographer in the Champions Gate area. I grew up along the West coast of Florida in the small beach town called Venice. Upon graduating high school, I moved to the Orlando area to attend the University of Central Florida. I received a BFA in Film Production, but in the end, photography was my passion. I try to apply what I learned in college to help infuse a storytelling element into my photography.

I like to laugh. The innocence of childhood captivates me, reminding me of a simpler time when not being able to play with friends was the most tragic thing to happen. I love cats. I wish Schlotzsky's Deli was more popular down here in Florida. Family means everything to me. If I didn't pursue photography, I'd want to be a Production Designer in film. Or a writer. Or storm chaser if tornadoes didn't scare me. I'm obsessed with The Mindy Project and my guilty pleasure is shopping at Home Goods. I take pride in my empathy for others and the need to document the precious moments in everyday life.